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Business Application

To enable us to assess your application for finance, we require your authorisation for the funder to carry out a credit search. The funder will use a credit scoring system, whereby they may search the files of any licensed credit reference agency. Please be aware that the agency will keep a record of that search and details about your application. They may also search the files of any licensed credit reference agency in order to help verify your identity. Failure to supply the information as requested, may result in refusal of credit.

The finance providers that we use may make payment to us if you elect to enter into an agreement with them.

We charge an administration fee for our broking services of £195 inc VAT For Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Ferrari the administration fee is £600.

Where this Agreement is entered into by a partnership, by signing this Agreement you confirm that you are entitled to disclose information about each partner and to authorise the funder to search and/or record information at credit reference agencies about each partner and you understand that an "association" will be created at the credit reference agencies which may link your financial records.

Please complete this form in full in order to prevent any undue delays in processing your application.

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Sole Trader / Directors / Partner Personal Details

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